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    With thousands of participants playing across the country or in your local market each season, Sports Monster provides you with access to market directly to one of the most sought after demographics of active adults.


    Our customers are key influencers with disposable income who are just the people YOU are looking to reach for your product or service. These are potential customers who have a proven track record of online purchases and are ideal candidates to visit your business or website to generate new sales.


    Our goal is to provide you with the most access at the most affordable pricing to help you realize your advertising and sales goals. You will find us very easy to work with as well. And our view of advertising and sponsorship is to be proactive to provide you with the best service.



Sports Monster Demographics

Age 21-38
Median Income $38,000
Male to Female Ratio 2:1
Marital Status 70% single/30% married/other
Education 65% + with college degrees



Website Info

    This is THE site where you want to be seen! Sports Monster is one of America's most visited websites for sports/social clubs. Sports Monster's websites have over 48,000 unique visitors per month and over 175,000 page views. Your message can impact your target audience both effectively and affordably. Choose from sidebar or banner ad formats:


Sidebar ads 

Ad Size 120X250 pixels (height can vary)  


Homepage Internal Banner ads 

Banner Ad Size 800X100 pixels (height can vary)  


Footer Banner ads 

Footer Banner Ad Size 940X100 pixels (height can vary)  


    All online advertising should be formatted into a JPEG, GIF, or FLASH format. One season is equal to three months. Questions on how to get your ad posted online?


For More Information, Contact Bart Fitzpatrick: 614-443-0190 or bart@sportsmonster.net



E-Mail Blasts

    Sports Monster has over 70,000 unique and live addresses in our database. These addresses are from people who WANT to keep updated on the latest Sports Monster information. The amount of e-mails varies by city and specific market breakdowns are available upon request.


   Via our e-mail blasts to participants, you will receive direct access to customers in a web page style format including text and tile ad messaging linked to your desired page.


   A proprietary e-mail blast from your company directly to our customers is available on a one-time, monthly, or seasonal basis. Questions on how to begin your E-Blast campaign?


For More Information, Contact Bart Fitzpatrick: 614-443-0190 or bart@sportsmonster.net




    Sports Monster has a number of sponsorship and branding programs available for specific sports or markets. You can directly reach our customer base through our league operations and social events. In addition to the electronic component of reaching customers as outlined above, you will also have access to:

  • Sampling
  • Coupon distribution
  • Banner display
  • Schedule advertising
  • Tee shirt advertising
  • Direct mail
  • Online promotion included with league sponsorship - see above


    Sponsorship programs are available for social events, one day tournaments, seasonal leagues by sport or entire market and annually. Sponsorship programs can be expanded to include branding an entire program with your corporate name for multiple years - for example: "YOUR COMPANY Volleyball" You will find our sponsorship packages to be very attractively priced with the reach and scope of what you receive for your sponsorship to be terrific. Our philosophy with every sponsor is to help you realize your advertising and sales goals in any way we can. We want you to be happy with your experience with Sports Monster.


For More Information, Contact Bart Fitzpatrick: 614-443-0190 or bart@sportsmonster.net